Examination Preparation

The candidate must be adequately trained. The training must include at least the requirements of the exam. So that the exam can be flown smoothly under typical conditions.
The instructor determines when the candidate is eligible to apply for the exam flight. The requests are made internally within the club.

The exam must be conducted by an exam committee of two specially appointed examiners. The candidates own instructor shall not be part of the exam committee. The candidate may bring an assistant. The assistance may consist of assistance with starting of the engine(s), release or handlaunch of the model or announcement of the flight figures. It is not allowed to connect with the assistant through a teacher-student system(buddybox). he model must be controlled by the candidate himself/herself throughout the flight.

The exam consists of two separate flights, which may be flown up to a day gap. There is the possibility of a rematch flight after the second flight.

The model should be adequate for the exam flights to be carried out and must be in good technical condition. The model must be representative of the type of license for which the exam is flown. A minimum weight or span is not fixed, this is at the discretion of the examiners.

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