New members will get free flight instructions when an instructor is available.
All new members must pass the final flight exam in order to fly by themselves. When you have been “signed off” by your Instructor, just call one of the examiners and schedule your exam.

The CRCC provides liability insurance for all paying members, will provide fuel at a reasonable price for the members and will organize events for members, their families and friends when possible.


Responsible Flying and Relations with the General Public

It is important to remember that although our chosen sport is one of the larger of the minority sporting activities, we are still vulnerable to the negative aspects of public opinion.

The CRCC spends considerable time and effort creating the best possible public impression of model flying but all this work can easily be wasted if you fly in a thoughtless manner.

Your enjoyment of model flying, now and in the future, depends on developing and displaying a highly conscious “safety first” attitude towards your equipment and the flying site you use. The best publicity the sport can receive is through your actions and your responsible and safe attitude to flying at all times.

There is no place in model flying for those who do not consider other people’s safety; nor is there a place for those who are inconsiderate about noise. One persons thoughtless actions can jeopardise the enjoyment and pleasure of those many others who adopt a responsible approach. Considerate and careful model flying must always be our aim.

Visiting clubs and members enjoy the benefits of flying from the CRCC site at Curacao. Everyone should remember that it is a common courtesy to make sure that they have permission before flying on any site.

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