On behalf of our president Tico Soliana we welcome you to the world of radio controlled model airplanes at Curaçao. This certainly must be one of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies in existence, encompassing so many different interests. What other hobby involves aerodynamics, woodworking, composite materials, electronics, mechanics, small motors, drafting, artistry, fresh air and the outdoors, and club activities practically all at the same time!

We are pleased to provide you with information about the Curaçao Radio Control Club (CRCC). Every Sunday from 15:00 to sunset, our members will be at the field performing flights. On an irregular base there will be members flying on Saturday from 11:00-14:00.

In 1971, the Curacao Radio Control Club was founded by Mr. Tony Ibara (not on the picture), former pilot in the ALM (Antillian Airlines), together with Mr. George Jacobs, Mr. Joe Risseeuw and Mr. George Blomont (top left picture). Together they were the initiators of the 1st runway. From then on they taught each other in flying with radio controlled airplanes.

The model fly club still exists with several new members flying newer aircraft and more advanced electronics. The club has members with jets, profile-, sport-, pattern-, electric airplanes and helicopters as well as giant scale big birds or quadcopters with ‘first person view’

Our hope is that we will get aspiring R/C pilots who have ever been interested in remote control airplanes involved. It is open for anyone who wants to try it, however youth under age 17 need a parent/guardian to accompany them

Aspiring R/C pilots will receive formal ground instruction and will fly with an flight instructor. Also through the use of buddy-boxes and hobby industry recognized basic and advanced model aircraft, you will learn from our instructors.

After you have completed your flight training, if you wish to continue flying at Cactus Airfield you will need to join the club.

The runway is a 105 by 15 meter asphalt strip on the North side of the island. It has a concrete bunker like club house relocated a few hundred yards away from the original site which is still visable at google earth. This was done when the government installed wind turbines right in front of the end of the runway. To say the least, not much fun as some have experienced first hand before the move.

Jan Risseeuw extra 330S

After years of storage the Big Scale Extra 330S arrived at the CRCC airfield. Jan Risseeuw (right on the foto) is the proud owner,

Our goal is:

  • Introduce beginning radio control operators to the basici skills inherent in safe radio controlled model operation.
  • Promote the growth of organized model aviation activities.
  • Provide the opportunity for social contact among members and their families.
  • Define recommended guidelines for it’s members to use. As is the case with all aircraft, operational safety is the first and most important consideration.



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